Luxury Priced Product Market from the Demographics - EASI Profiles - 2016 Database
States 2016
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50 - 80
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170 - 200
Source: Easy Analytic Software Inc. (EASI)
Easy Analytic Software Inc. (EASI) is a New York-based software engineering and statistical modeling firm that specializes in consumer demographics. Using input data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Mediamark, EASI develops model-based indicators of the demographic characteristics, consumer spending, and behavior patterns for a wide range of geographic areas—state, counties, census tracts, and block groups. Mediamark is a market research firm that annually publishes The Survey of the American Consumer, based on detailed interviews of 26,000 households.
Dataset: Luxury Priced Product Market from the Demographics - EASI Profiles - 2016 Database
Index of households with income $200K or more in an area.
Shows the concentration of particular types of households in a geographic area according to key socioeconomic characteristics. The value is presented as an index showing variation from a median value of 100 for each geographic area.
EASI data series present demographic and economic characteristics for the United States, for states, counties, census tracts, and ZIP Codes. Data from the Bureau of the Census provide geographic references and benchmarks for demographic updates and forecasts, including: 2010 Census of Population and Housing PL 94 – 171; American Community Survey (ACS), and Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS). Other related sources are: Annual Demographic Survey, Current Population Reports (P20; P25; P60), and numerous special Census reports. EASI has developed a series of EASI-based proprietary models for updating estimates and forecasting projections. For a more detailed description of EASI methodology, see
Easy Analytic Software, Inc., Easy Analytic Software Inc. (EASI) (2017). Demographics - EASI Profiles - 2016: Luxury Priced Product Market, 2016. Data-Planet™ Statistical Datasets by Conquest Systems, Inc. [Data-file]. Dataset-ID: 050-430-012.
Population and Income, Prices, Consumption, and Cost of Living
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